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Harton Black
Cast-iron mantels are ideal in many ways, they can be decorated to the taste of your palette, they are strong and robust, being less likely to chip or mark than a marble or wood alternative, they are heat resistant and will comfortably last a lifetime.

Cast Tec have faithfully reproduced two cast-iron mantelpieces within their exclusive range of fireplaces. The Limerick is a classic design whilst the Harton is more of an art nouveau design. Both models date from around the turn of the twentieth century and were originally painted to match skirting board and door stanchions, however these days mantels are more of a prominent feature in the home and are supplied in a matt black or highlight polished finish.

The Limerick and Harton Mantel both have a standard fireplace opening and have an internal rebate of around 75mm (3″) to suit the majority of fireplace inserts. Mantels should stand on the hearth below and are secured to a wall using four screws, the external mantel return and cast-iron screw lugs being chased into the plasterwork to provide a good seal and seamless finish.

mantel diagram
Shelf Length (A) 1450mm (57")
Height (B) 1230mm (45")
Base (C) 1300mm (52")
Shelf Width (D) 225mm (9")
Internal Rebate (E) 75mm (3")
Internal Width (F) 910mm (36")
Internal Height (G) 910mm (36")

∗ Measurements are approximate and may vary due to the manufacturing process or product development (inches are rounded up or down)

Cast Tec Ltd. reserve the right to delay or withdraw products, change designs, specifications or materials without prior notice due to continuous product development or supply problems.