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Solid Fuel Integra Inset

The CastTec Solid Fuel Integra (SFI) is one of the most efficient inset stoves on the market today and uniquely integrates with our range of quality cast-iron arched inserts, tiled inserts and combinations.

SFI benefits from Triple Burn Technology, with Primary Air Burn (lever in ash pan cover), Airwash Secondary Burn (lever top of door) and Tertiary Air (inlets inside the rear of the stove).

A multi-fuel grate allows SFI to burn seasoned wood or smokeless fuels, achieving outputs of 5kW (requiring no additional ventilation) as well as efficiencies approaching 80% with the most minimal of carbon emissions.

Whilst all Integra insert designs, mantels and hearths are interchangeable, allowing you to design your own fireplace; it is advisable when using solid fuels to use only natural materials for the mantelpiece and hearth. In addition, hearths (whether boxed and lipped or Munro) should be cut into sections to allow for expansion.

Solid Fuel Integra can be used in smoke controlled areas (DEFRA exempt) and attains European Efficiency and Emission Requirements for 2022 making it ‘Eco Design’ ready

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  • multi-fuel grate for wood burning or smokeless fuels
  • primary air burn (control on door)
  • airwash secondary burn (lever above door)
  • tertiary air inlets improve efficiency
  • DEFRA smoke control exempt
  • Eco Design 2022 Ready
  • 10 year conditional warranty

solid fuel box diagram
Heat Output Nominal 5kW
Efficiency 76.1% 79.9%
CO Emissions 0.01 Vol% 0.04 Vol%
Construction Steel & Cast-iron
Net Weight 75 Kg
Flue Outlet Top (125mm)
Airwash Yes
Air Vent RequiredNo
Cast Tec Ltd. reserve the right to delay or withdraw products, change designs, specifications or materials without prior notice due to continuous product development or supply problems.