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Bramburgh in Solid Oak

The Bamburgh is a beautiful traditional hand crafted mantelpiece manufactured in Solid Oak. This mantel is available with a light oak or a medium oak stain but is also available without a finish at a reduced cost to enable you to apply your own stain or lacquer.

A bespoke stained finish is also available but we would need a sample of the finish required.

It is sometimes necessary to join some wood pieces together in order to reduce wastage and costs but this is done sympathetically and we can guarantee that our mantels are solid throughout and that no wood substitutes such as mdf are used.

The internal rebate (gap inside the opening between mantel and wall) of the Bamburgh is 30mm with a further detachable 45mm which can create a combined rebate of 75mm (suitable for the CastTec Electra & Gas Integra cast-iron fireplace ranges).

This mantel is normally delivered assembled.
However, the manufacturing method of the mantel enables it to be delivered in flat pack as well.

Key Facts:

Shelf Length (A) 1630mm (65")
Height (B) 1310mm (52")
Base (C) 1460mm (58")
Shelf Width (D) 304mm (12")
Internal Rebate (E) 75mm (3")
Internal Width (F) 915mm (36")
Internal Height (G) 915mm (36")
mantel diagram
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