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Slate Stone Mantels
Cast Tec offer a range of two beautiful slate stone mantelpieces, the Hexham and Kensington.
Slate stone is very similar in colour and feel to that of grey Welsh slate and being a particularly hard substance it is ideal to be used as part of a fireplace. Our two slate stone mantel designs have shelf lengths of 1350mm (53″) and arrive with concealed fixing attachments.
CastTec also offer matching hearths and infills for those requiring a suite to suit a wood burning stove installation.
hexham 1350 in slate stonehexham 1350 in slate stone
Hexham 1350
hexham 1500 in slate stonehexham 1500 in slate stone
Hexham 1500
kensington 1350 slate stone mantelkensington 1350 slate stone mantel

About Slate Stone:
Slate is a smooth and fine-grained metamorphic rock derived from an original sedimentary rock that forms from mudstone or shale. The mudstone or shale normally contains clay or volcanic ash. The subjection of the shale or mudstone to high temperatures and pressure flattens it and this leads to the formation of slate. Slate stone has similar properties to grey Welsh slate, however, despite being grey and robust it is classed more as a black sandstone, being a clastic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized mineral particles or rock fragments. Slate and sandstone are primarily composed of quartz or feldspar. Slate stone is unique as it contains the best properties of both types of stone. Slate stone is highly resistant to fire, stains and acid spills and is mined in the Shenzhen region of China.
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