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Cast Tec offer two stunning hand crafted marble mantelpieces manufactured in pure Crema Marfil from Spain. Crema Marfil tends to be shades of beige and sometimes with small white markings and a pinkish tinge.

Our two mantel designs, the Durham (shown on this page) and Verona (see Carrara page) have a mantel shelf length of 1500mm (59″) and arrive polished with exquisite hand carved corbels to the tops of the legs.

Crema Marfil has been used in the manufacture of fireplace mantelpieces for many years and being a natural stone it has natural veining, fissures, faults and imperfections which are considered to be part of its beauty. colour: cream marfil. The Crema Marfil you see in the showroom or online will not look identical to the marble you are supplied with by your retailer.

If natural imperfections are likely to cause any distress please opt for the man-made alternative micro marble called Roman Stone which is manufactured using 95% crushed Crema Marfil marble and 5% resin and offers more consistency in colouration.
durham crema-marfil pure-marbel
   About Crema Marfil:
Crema Marfil is a beige coloured marble extracted principally in the mountain called El Coto in Pinoso (Alicante, Spain).

There are approximately 20 quarries where extraction of the material is taking place. Such is the popularity of Crema Marfil that it is exported today to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Many major projects have been done with this material and its unique beige colour allows one to combine it with almost any other different stone colour or shade or any type of decoration, this being one of the reasons for its great popularity. Being a natural material, common sense suggests one should not expect complete uniformity.

Crema Marfil comes in various types of beige colouring and veining with marks which are actually fossils. Sometimes it comes with a pinkish tone or has whitish spots or actual veins of white limestone.
Cast Tec Ltd. reserve the right to delay or withdraw products, change designs, specifications or materials without prior notice due to continuous product development or supply problems.