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Polar White Mantels

colour: polar white, material: micro marble.Polar White is a beautiful man-made marble, which as the name suggests has a white appearance.

Being a micro marble, Polar White is manufactured using 95% crushed marble and 5% resin, making this material consistent in colouration, avoiding the veins, fissures, imperfections and fossils of natural marble.

CastTec offer a range of four stunning Polar White mantel designs with a shelf of 1350mm (53″) or the option of 1500mm (59″) in the case of the Hexham.

The Hexham, Kensington and Ripon are also available in Roman Stone micro marble.

polar white hexham 1350
Hexham 1350
polar white hexham 1500
Hexham 1500
polar white kensington 1350
ripon polar white