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Cotswold in Limestone

The Edwardian Corbel is a beautiful mantelpiece in a timeless design manufactured in pure Turkish

limestone. This mantel sports two very plain corbels and the simplicity of the design allows it to grace

the most contemporary or traditional setting. Limestone also particularly lends itself to a fireplace exhi-

biting a wood-burning stove.

The mantelshelf length is 1350mm (5″) or 1500mm (59″). Mantel legs can be moved closer together or

further apart on fitting to change the size of the fireplace opening.

Cotswold 53″

Shelf Length (A) 1350mm (53")
Height (B) 1145mm (45")
Base (C) 1275mm (50")
Shelf Width (D) 205mm (8")
Internal Rebate (E) 75mm (3")
Internal Width (F) 915mm (36")
Internal Height (G) 915mm (36")

Cotswold 59″

Shelf Length (A) 1500mm (59")
Height (B) 1145mm (45")
Base (C) 1355mm (54")
Shelf Width (D) 205mm (8")
Rebate (E) 75mm (3")
Internal Width (F) 915mm (36")
Internal Height (G) 915mm (36")
mantel diagram
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