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Royal Combination


Integra Combinations vary from Integra Inserts as they combine a small cast-iron top self (which is attached) instead of requiring a separate mantelpiece.

The top shelf is only 1120mm (44″) in length which makes it ideal to suit a smaller chimney breast or a small living room.

These Combinations can be used with our full range of Integra gas fire appliances.

Integra Combinations are available in two different designs. One model is plain (base on the Anson design) with four different polished finishes. The second model, the Ashbourne Combination has two different finish options and is more decorative and ornate.

Standard size granite hearths (1050mm x 380mm x 50mm) are available in polished or honed (matt) finishes.

Key Facts:

Shelf Length (A) 1120mm
Height (B) 1120mm
Base (C) 1000mm
Hearth Polished Granite
Height (D) 50mm
Length (E) 1050mm
Depth (F) 380mm
arched insert diagram
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