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Integra arched inserts

The CastTec Integra Range of Arched Inserts consists of two cast-iron designs (the Royal & Ashbourne) with seven different finish options including matt black, highlight polished and a stunning full polish.

These castings are manufactured specifically to suit our dedicated range of highly efficient gas fires, called Integra Engines, which are suitable for all flue applications (even if you have no chimney). Integra Engine options and technical information are available on page 47 of the CastTec Integra brochure.

A major advantage of the Integra Range is that it is very fitter friendly. The Integra Arch will fit comfortably inside an industry standard 75mm (3″) rebated mantelpiece, which means the complete fireplace can be fitted against any suitable flat wall as well as a dedicated chimney breast.

CastTec also supply optional mantelpieces and hearths to compliment your Integra Arched Insert.

Royal Intergra Black

majestic gas


viscount integra gas

marquis integra full polish

ashbourne black

Ashbourne Black
ashbourne polished

Ashbourne Polished
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