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Classic Cast-iron Tiled Inserts

Cast Tec offer a range of beautiful cast-iron inserts which include several finish options such as matt black, highlight polished and a traditional antique finish.

These castings all require a Mantelpiece, a Hearth to sit on.

Inserts such as the Art Nouveau, Balmoral and Glen require a set of 10 ceramic tile (2 five tile runs) or a set of cast-iron sleeves.

Tiled inserts also require an optional Fire Back depending upon their function.

Most inserts can be supplied with a Gas Coal Effect Fire, an Electric 2kW Inset or a Solid Fuel Kit depending upon your requirements.

glen black

Glen Black
glen polished

Glen Polished
balmoral polished

art nouveau

Art Nouveau
Cast Tec Ltd. reserve the right to delay or withdraw products, change designs, specifications or materials without prior notice due to continuous product development or supply problems.