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Cougar 7kW


The Cougar 7 cast-iron stove is similar in design to the Cougar 5kW, but has a modified interior fuel retainer.

A higher air intake allows the stove to achieve an output of 7.5kW using seasoned wood.

This will be ideal for those requiring more heat, however stoves with an output higher than 5kW usually require additional ventilation in the room.

The Cougar 7 is shown sitting on a Honed Granite Hearth with a Grey Slate Inglenook interior.

The mantel shown is the Selkirk in natural sandstone.

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cougar diagram

Key Facts:

Nominal Heat Output 7.5kW (Wood)
6.6kW (Smokeless fuels)
Construction Cast-iron
Weight 99Kg
Fuel Outlet Top & Rear (125mm)5"
Efficiency Wood 75.2%
Efficiency Anthracite 72.1%
Air Vent Required Yes
DEFRA Exempt Yes
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