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Alberg 7


The Alberg 7 is larger than it's sister, the Norvik, and caters for those who require a larger heat output.

The standard multi-fuel grate allows you to burn smokeless fuels, wood and peat.

The Alberg has a riddling grate (control visible to the left) to remove ash on the surface of the coals and boats triple burn technology consisting of Primary Air Burn (control on door), Airwash Secondary Burn (above the door) and Tertiary Air (under the door).

The tertiary air system mixes pre-heated air with the exhaust gases allowing the exhaust gas to re-ignite producing a cleaner and more efficient stove.

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Key Facts:

Nominal Heat Output 7kW
Construction Cast-iron
Weight 109Kg
Fuel Outlet Top & Rear (125mm)
Efficiency 81%
Air Vent Required Yes

norvik-alberg diagram
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